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Try not. Do, or do not.

2015-05-06 by Mike Shal, tagged as clobber, make, mozilla, try

Despite the existence of, I sometimes feel that "there is no try", or at least not a try that I would like. My concern for this post covers three main areas: how the input to try is specified, how the output (failure or success) is determined, and how long it takes to run. I'd like to look at each of these in turn and compare our current setup with an "ideal" try server.

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Clobber Builds Part 4 - Fixing Other Clobber Causes

2015-03-13 by Mike Shal, tagged as clobber, make, mozilla, tup

In Clobber Builds Part 3, we looked at how changing the build configuration can result in broken builds, even if dependencies are perfect. Here we'll look into addressing these issues in the build system.

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Combining Nodes in Graphviz

2015-01-22 by Mike Shal, tagged as graphing, graphviz, mozilla, tup

Graphviz is a handy tool for making graphs. The "dot" command in particular is great for drawing dependency graphs, though for many real-world scenarios there are simply too many nodes to generate a useful graph. In this post, we'll look at one strategy for automatically combining similar nodes so that a more understandable dependency structure is revealed.

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Build System Partial Updates

2014-09-10 by Mike Shal, tagged as make, mozilla, tup

There is a fairly long dev-platform thread about partial updates - specifically, running './mach build <subdirectory>'. In this post, we'll compare how this is handled in make-based systems, as well as in tup.

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PGO Performance on SeaMicro Build Machines

2014-08-20 by Mike Shal, tagged as mozilla, performance, windows

Let's take a look at why our SeaMicro (sm) build machines perform slower than our iX machines. In particular, the extra time it takes to do non-unified PGO Windows builds can cause timeouts in certain cases (on Aurora we have bug 1047621). Since this was a learning experience for me and I hit a few roadblocks along the way, I thought it might be useful to share the experience of debugging the issue. Read on for more details!

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Moving Automation Steps in Tree

2014-07-23 by Mike Shal, tagged as make, mozilla

In bug 978211, we're looking to move the logic for the automation build steps from buildbot into mozilla-central. Essentially, we're going to convert this:

buildbot build

Into this:

mozharness build

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Clobber Builds Part 3 - Other Clobber Causes

2014-06-03 by Mike Shal, tagged as make, mozilla, tup

Part 3 in the clobber build series. Today we'll examine some of the reasons that even a build system with perfect dependencies would still need clobbering.

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Clobber Builds Part 2 - Fixing Missing Dependencies

2014-05-07 by Mike Shal, tagged as make, mozilla, tup

This is part 2 in the clobber build series. Here we'll look at how to fix the issues stemming from part 1 -- missing dependencies -- once and for all.

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Clobber Builds Part 1 - Missing Dependencies

2014-03-19 by Mike Shal, tagged as make, mozilla, tup

In this series, we're going to look at clobber builds - what they are, why they're needed, and how we can make them a thing of the past. This is part 1 of the series.

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Getting data out of the Mozilla build configuration

2013-10-16 by Mike Shal, tagged as mozilla, tup

Last time when looking at building mozilla-central with tup, we ran into some issues with converting the various m-c data formats into tup rules. In particular, the time to parse all the data is way slower than necessary, and the feature used to parse the data is not yet supported on Windows. In this post we'll look at an alternate method, and compare the pros & cons. Then we'll look into what is needed to get tup in the m-c tree and supported as an official build backend.

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