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Visualizing the Taskcluster Index

2015-09-15 by Mike Shal, tagged as graphing, indexing, mozharness, mozilla, taskcluster

I've been working on trying to organize the Taskcluster index in bug 1133074. The index is analogous to the directory structure that we have on, but it is much easier to organize things based on how we'd like to access them. In FTP, our upload scripts actually ssh into the ftp server and copy files around into the layout we want. But with Taskcluster indexing, we can just add a new route and now we can organize things by revision, platform, branch, or however we'd like.

However, the sheer amount of things we build still makes this tricky. I pulled down the build logs for all the mozilla-central builds I could find, and ended up with 106 builds from buildbot/mozharness (including nightlies and l10n), and 16 builds from Taskcluster. That's a lot of routes to get organized into a usable hierarchy!

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