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Try not. Do, or do not.

2015-05-06 by Mike Shal, tagged as clobber, make, mozilla, try

Despite the existence of, I sometimes feel that "there is no try", or at least not a try that I would like. My concern for this post covers three main areas: how the input to try is specified, how the output (failure or success) is determined, and how long it takes to run. I'd like to look at each of these in turn and compare our current setup with an "ideal" try server.

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Clobber Builds Part 4 - Fixing Other Clobber Causes

2015-03-13 by Mike Shal, tagged as clobber, make, mozilla, tup

In Clobber Builds Part 3, we looked at how changing the build configuration can result in broken builds, even if dependencies are perfect. Here we'll look into addressing these issues in the build system.

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